#PrivacyCamp21: Draft schedule

As promised to many of you, the draft #PrivacyCamp21 schedule is out today. Read below what you can expect from the first online edition of Privacy Camp, taking place this year on 26 January 2021 from 10.00 to 16.05.

Digital rights for change: Reclaiming infrastructures, repairing the future.

With almost a decade’s legacy, this year Privacy Camp zooms in on the relations between digitalisation, digital rights and infrastructures. In response to our call for panels, we have received proposal tackling the subject from a variety of perspectives.

We are proud to present the selection of sessions that combine panel format (speakers addressing the audience) with a more interactive workshop format (speakers address + audience engagement experiences):





Room 1
(Plenary and panels)



Room 2



Room 3 (Workshops)


Opening and
STORIES of digital rights activism






A new model for consent? Rethinking consent among complex infrastructures and complex explanations

Local perspectives: E-life and e-services during the pandemic

The #ReclaimYourFace campaign: Ban biometric mass surveillance
Wiring digital justice: Embedding rights in Internet governance ‘by infrastructure’

Platform Resistance   and Data Rights

Cryptowars: The battle for encryption
Lunch break


EDPS Civil Society Summit

Lunch break


Can restorative justice help us govern online spaces?

Criminalising public spaces under biometric mass surveillance

Teach me how to hurdle: Empowering data subjects beyond the template


Algorithmic Impact Assessments

The privatised panopticon: Workers’ surveillance in the digital age


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#PrivacyCamp21: Registrations

Registrations for #PrivacyCamp21 are now open. Sign up here by 24 January to ensure your spot.

#PrivacyCamp21 is live on 26 January 2021, from 10.00 – 16.00 !

Make sure to read the final schedule and familiarise yourself with the different sessions.

The event will use Big Blue Button and attendance instructions will be sent in advance to registered participants.

See you soon!

#PrivacyCamp20: Final programme

We are happy to present the final programme of #PrivacyCamp20. This 8th edition of Privacy Camp revolves around the topic of Technology and Activism. Besides panel discussions and workshops, this year, Privacy Camp also brings you a Critical Maker Faire. Click through the grid below to find out the details about each session as well as our famous after-party.

The print version (pdf) of the programme is available here.

Location: La Vallée, Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39, 1080 Brussels



Room BOB

Coffee & Hi!
Coffee and Hi!


Welcome and storytelling session:
Stories of Activism

10:30-12:00 Defending digital civic space: how to counter digital threats against civil society Investigative journalism in South East Europe


Lunch break
Lunch break
13:00-14:30 How To Parltrack Workshop The impact of surveillance on today’s kids – tomorrow’s human rights activists

EDPS civil society summit (ROOM EVE)


Coffee break
Coffee break
14:45-16:00 Access requests as a
tool for activism
“Actually, In Google We Trust”? A ‘Deconstructing’ Conversation on Russian Internet


Coffee break
Coffee break

Activism and digital infrastructures

Internet for All – Silenced and Harassed No More!
17:45-17:50 Closing


Foodtruck & Chats


after party after

party after party

Register now in order to secure your attendance for #PrivacyCamp20. This is a free-to-attend event but registration is required as space is limited. We have extended the registration deadline until Friday, 17 January 2020.

Please note that this year we are moving into a new venue: LaVallee, Brussels. See you there at 9AM on 21 January 2020.

#PrivacyCamp20: After-Party

Technology and Activism and chats and drinks and a cool DJ line-up. You can have all of them by joining us at the Privacy Camp After – party from 20h onward.

Note that from 18h – 20h we will have a food truck feeding us and pre-party chats.

The party location is the same one in which we’ll be all day, but with a rather different atmosphere. Four talented DJs will take us through their selected work. Expect to hear great sets, mixes and live coding!


  • 20h – 21h fukamiSoul and jazz, bit of groove and beats
  • 21h – 22h ki:ki Some intergalactic electro with hints of upload filter tech3hand a dash of new wave
  • 22h – 23h Indidjinouspost-apocalyptic, sci-fi inspired techstep jungle/drum & bass. Expect the unexpected.
  • 23h – 24h Dago Sondervan – live coding, algorave

24h – … Still partying? Cool! Then we did a good job. While we’d love to continue the partying until next year, this is when we start turning the lights on, put on some goodbye music and give each other hugs that last us until the next edition of Privacy Camp. See you soon!

Entrance to the party will be possible only with a #PrivacyCamp20 conference badge.

#PrivacyCamp19: Final programme

We’re delighted to announce the final programme for #PrivacyCamp19.

Each session’s full description, including participants and moderators, can be found by clicking on each title below. The print version of the programme (pdf) is available here.

Location: Auditorium 3 & 4, Grande Salle (Université Saint-Louis, Boulevard du Jardin botanique 43, 1000 Brussels)

Time Session 1 Session 2
09:00-9:30 Coffee
9:30-10:30 Welcome and narrative session: User Stories
10:30-12:00 Mapping the problem: News dissemination on online platforms Platforms regulations – policy challenge for civil society advocates
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-14:30 Reimagining Data Futures: Data and Agency Platform dominance and privacy harms: What role for civil society in competition policy
14:30-14:45 Coffee break
14:00-16:15 EDPS civil society summit
14:45-16:00 Platforms: the pouvoir exécutif of modern states? Online Platforms and Automated Content Moderation
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:45 Let’s see the evidence! Where algorithmic decisions are used in real life, and how we find out about them Towards real safeguards: Data driven political campaigns and EU election
17:45-17:50 Closing

#PrivacyCamp19: After-party!

Our after-party will be a real alternative to surveillance capitalism. More importantly, we will have the opportunity to continue the discussions started during the day around a drink or two.

The official after-party is going to take place at ViaVia Brussels, on 29 January starting at 7.30pm.

Entrance only with a conference badge!


  • 8pm: DJ Soeur Veillance
  • 10pm: kik1

Platforms, Politics, Participation: Save the Date and Call for Panel Proposals

Join us for the 7th annual Privacy Camp!

Privacy Camp will take place on 29 January 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, just before the start of the CPDP conference. Privacy Camp brings together civil society, policy-makers and academia to discuss existing and looming problems for human rights in the digital environment.

Take me to the call for panel submissions.
Take me to the call for user story submissions.

Platforms, Politics, Participation

Privacy Camp 2019 will focus on digital platforms, their societal impact and political significance. Due to the rise of a few powerful companies such as Uber, Facebook, Amazon or Google, the term “platform” has moved beyond its initial computational meaning of technological architecture and has come to be understood as a socio-cultural phenomenon. Platforms are said to facilitate and shape human interactions, thus becoming important economic and political actors. While the companies offering platform services are increasingly the target of regulative action, they are also considered as allies of national and supranational institutions in enforcing policies voluntarily and gauging political interest and support. Digital platforms employ business models that rely on the collection of large amounts of data and the use of advanced algorithms, which raise concerns about their surveillance potential and their impact on political events. Increasingly rooted in the daily life of many individuals, platforms monetise social interactions and turn to questionable labor practices. Many sectors and social practices are being “platformised”, from public health to security, from news to entertainment services. Lately, some scholars have conceptualised this phenomenon as “platform capitalism” or “platform society”.

Privacy Camp 2019 will unpack the implications of “platformisation” for the socio-political fabric, human rights and policy making. In particular, how does the platform logic shape our experiences and the world we live in? How do institutional actors attempt to regulate platforms? In what ways do the affordances and constraints of platforms shape how people share and make use of their data?


We welcome panel proposals relating to the broad theme of platforms. Besides classic panel proposals we are also seeking short contributions for our workshop “Situating Platforms: User Narratives”.

1. Panel proposals

We are particularly interested in panel proposals on the following topics: platform economy and labour; algorithmic bias; democratic participation and social networks.

Submission guidelines:

  • Indicate a clear objective for your session, i.e. what would be a good outcome for you?
  • Indicate other speakers that could participate in your panel (and let us know which speaker has already confirmed, at least in principle, to participate).
  • Make it as participative as possible, think about how to include the audience and diverse actors. Note that the average panel length is 75 minutes.
  • Send us a description of no more than 400 words.

2. “Situating Platforms: User Narratives” submissions

In an effort to discuss situated contexts with regard to platforms, we will have a session on lived practices and user narratives. Individuals, civil society groups or community associations are welcome to contribute in the format of a short talk or show & tell demonstration. Details and the online submission form are here:

Submission form


The deadline for all submissions is 18 November. After the deadline, we will review your submission and let you know by the end of November whether your proposal can be included in the programme. It is possible that we suggest merging panel proposals if they are very similar.

Please send your proposal via email to privacycamp(at)edri.org!

If you have questions, please contact Kirsten at kirsten.fiedler(at)edri(dot)org or Imge at imge.ozcan(at)vub(dot)be.

About Privacy Camp

Privacy Camp is jointly organised by European Digital Rights (EDRi), the Institute for European Studies of the Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles (USL-B), the Law, Science, Technology & Society research group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (LSTS-VUB), and Privacy Salon.

Participation is free. Registrations will open in early December.

Press release: 6th annual Privacy Camp takes place on 23 January 2018

Tomorrow, on 23 January 2018, Privacy Camp brings together civil society, policy-makers and academia to discuss problems for human rights in the digital environment. In the face of what some have noted as a “shrinking civic space” for collective action, the event provides a platform for experts from across these domains to discuss and develop shared principles to address key challenges for digital rights and freedoms.

Themed “Speech, settings and [in]security by design”, the one-day conference at the Saint-Louis University in Brussels features panel discussions and privacy workshops led by experts in the fields of privacy, surveillance and human rights advocacy. The nonprofit, nonpartisan event draws privacy activists, civil society representatives, public servants and academia of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in improving privacy and security in communications and work towards the respect of human rights in the digital environment.

This year, Privacy Camp also features the “Civil Society Summit” of the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).

Among others, speakers of the Privacy Camp 2018 are Giovanni Buttarelli, Wojciech Wiewiorowski, Fanny Hidvegi, Glyn Moody, Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Juraj Sajfert, Marc Rotenberg. The full programme can be accessed here.

Post-camp Party, Tuesday 23/1 from 7pm onwards

All good things must come to an end. But not all things end quite as dramatically and with as much suspense as this year’s PrivacyCamp!

Join our post-camp party at Smouss Bar! There will be complimentary snacks, free drinks (for those with a conference badge, so remember to register to get yours) and, most importantly, our legendary “Big Fat PrivacyCamp Quiz of 2018”.

Here are the directions for getting from the conference to the after-party (by foot, 18 mins):

From 19:00 onwards
at Smouss Café
112 Rue du Marché au Charbon
1000 Bruxelles